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First Place Winner of MDS3.0 on Financial Scams

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Do you have an investment scam story you feel is worth sharing? Try to include how to manage financial risks in your story. Example: tips to avoid being scammed, be wary of any investment offers, and a guide to investing safely

We share some suggestions as a guide and inspiration for you!


The first step to avoid becoming a victim is Iidentifying the modus operandi and features of investment scams



Whether for the short or long-term investments, know the risks associated with an investment product and the level of risk you are willing to take when investing



Remind others to constantly stay alert and always check with authorities like BNM and SC before investing in any investment schemes


Think outside the box!

Do you have a creative and dynamic imagination? Share your story with the world!

Unleash your creativity!

Set the objective of your video, identify the topic you want to explore, use your imagination and experience, and become a successful storyteller who moves and inspires the audience!

A simple guide to create your video content!

To produce an effective awareness-raising video, make sure you use the right facts from authentic sources such as:

Here are some questions to get you thinking!

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