NFLS 2022 Papers

Advancing Financial Literacy and Resilience in Post-Pandemic Malaysia

This book leverages on the widespread interest in financial literacy among policy makers, academics, economists, researchers, finance industry practitioners and the public. The volume discusses cutting-edge research and practical applications in financial education aimed at raising the level of financial literacy and financial well-being among the people. It summarises the milestones of financial literacy research from multiple perspectives to offer an overview of factors affecting consumers’ financial literacy, capability, resilience, and the intervention gaps and innovative ways to bridge the gaps in Malaysia.

The selected papers from the Financial Education Network (FEN)’s National Financial Literacy Symposium 2022 (NFLS2022) in this book should be of interest to anyone looking to learn more about the current state of empirical research and analysis on a topic that has become the government’s thrust to raise financial well-being, competencies and capabilities of all segments of the Malaysian population. The symposium was co-hosted by Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM) and Bank Negara Malaysia, in collaboration with the Malaysian Economic Association (MEA), in conjunction with the FEN’s Financial Literacy Month (FLM) 2022. The symposium’s target audience included everyone ranging from undergraduate to graduate students, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners. This book is a contemporary and comprehensive reference on financial literacy, and also offers suggestions for further reading and research on the topic.

In summary, Advancing Financial Literacy and Resilience in Post- Pandemic Malaysia requires a multifaceted approach. This includes recognizing pandemic-induced challenges, fostering innovation, and promoting inclusivity and continuous learning. The journey, though complex, promises a resilient society skilled in navigating post-pandemic uncertainties. The proposed strategy places Malaysia at the forefront of financial education and resilience, shaping the path forward within the country’s unique context. It provides a roadmap for financial empowerment and resilience, with the potential to forge a stronger nation in these unprecedented and challenging times.


  • Siew-Voon Soon
  • Chee-Wooi Hooy
  • Kim-Leng Yeah

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